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How to make a name for yourself on the Internet?

Any promotion on the Internet begins with the registration of a beautiful and memorable site name - domain. For example, site.ru, site.com or site.rf.

What is a domain for?

Search engines rank faster and higher sites that have their own domain. The short name of the site is better remembered. It’s easier to attract visitors to such a site. The domain belongs to you.

You can connect mail to the domain in a couple of clicks and create mailboxes of the form info@your-domain.com, ivan@your-domain.com and others.

How to register a domain

It is very simple. The domain registrar will help. Today in Russia there are about 30 accredited registrars. The best prices and conditions among all are offered by the new Nethouse service. Domains, which was recently launched by the leading Russian website designer for Nethouse business.

Features of the Nethouse service. Domains

The most convenient step-by-step domain registration. Any newbie will cope. Over 150 domain zones to choose from. From popular Russian (.RU and .РФ) and international (.COM, .NET, .ORG ...) to almost free new (.CLUB, .ONLINE, .TODAY ...) and geographical (.SPB.RU, .RU.NET ...).

The cost of registering domains in .RU and .РФ zones is only 49 rubles per year. Nethouse.Domains works with both individuals and legal entities. Those. accepts payment by bank transfer and provides all the necessary documents for accounting. This is the main difference from resellers - partners of accredited registrars.

We have already chosen the service: Coordination Center for the National Internet Domain - cctld.ru Domain Maria Sharapova - domain sharapova.ru DDT group - domain ddt.ru Domain selection guidelines

Enter the desired domain name and click the "Find" button. So you can find out if a domain is free or busy, as well as the cost of registering it. You can purchase several domains at once.

It is important that the domain name is easy to remember and perceived by ear, as well as possibly intuitively associated with your occupation. A good example is motor25.ru.

Register domains that are similar to your primary domain. For example, for nethouse.ru - nethouse.rf, nethaus.ru, nethous.ru. It is not always possible to find a successful domain name in the most popular .RU or .COM zones. In this case, pay attention to almost free zones like .COM.RU, .MSK.RU, .TODAY, .TRADE and others.

Decided on the choice of domains? Add them to the basket and follow the instructions of the service ... Congratulations! You have become the owner of one or more domains! Now connect them to the site and do not forget to renew in a year.

By the way, in Nethouse you can not only register a domain, but also get a full range of services on the site: its creation and placement on the Internet, promotion with a guaranteed result, a network of agents throughout Russia that will help in writing texts, setting up design or advertising. Good luck!