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Short-sightedness or stupidity of a small business

In pursuit of short-term money, in order to beat off the rent and other investments in their work, the owners of small projects lose more than money. They lose potential customers, reputation and hope that they can feed themselves in the future.

In business, I do not understand anything, but as a consumer of private services I can share some thoughts. It happened to me to bypass the development centers for children in our village. I had my own interest. I went to the most advertised center and found an administrator, part-time host. She met me with a smile, as it should be, but when she heard what I came for, the smile instantly slipped from her face. You know, this is not even in the theater. At that moment I regretted that this physio gnomic action did not capture on camera. Instant Transformation! Her look said: - “How, you will not give us money? Well, then you are not interested in us. ” Good trade workers, you know, keep a smile until you exit the store. But, here, it was awesome! She stopped seeing me so much that she didn’t even say goodbye.

So, here's the catch. It was not necessary to cooperate with me, but she could show a good attitude and humanly say goodbye if she were smart enough to think two steps ahead. By the nature of my work, I communicate with people, and even more than that, with entire families. Parents, when there is more trust in me, are asked to recommend a nanny or a good development center to them. Actually, from the fleeting acquaintances and warm views a network of communications is built. This is how the threads of cooperation between private traders spin and the exchange of clients takes place. But, if you think linearly, then of course, I'm not their client, my son is already an adult.

Shortsightedness or stupidity of a small business

The mistake of small businesses is that it seems that the one who brought the money is the client. All forces are thrown at him. Alas, this is not entirely true. Why do people come to the same person, looking for the best, when you can just go and get what you need near the house? Why these searches?

To the fact that people return to where they saturate their needs for acceptance and love. Emotions obtained in communication cling to, not aquariums with goldfish in the hall, and certificates of super specialists on the wall. People are not so stupid as to allow themselves to give money in bad hands. They pay for their attitude and return for emotions that they want to experience again and again. Product and service are secondary. Someone writes a seo advertising, makes discounts, invites animators, treats you with delicious tea, all this is important and has a place to be. But, if the entrepreneur does not distinguish between the faces of his clients, then he is doomed to a miserable beating of the lease and nothing more.

Some time ago, I was an assistant at a sales training for employees of a large trading business. It would seem that they do not need to do anything, even advertising. But big business people are responsible and hire specialists to develop their business to people for their own benefit and to their joy. So, the most important thing in sales is not that the client brought you his money today and left quietly, but that he will come back again and again. This is a secondary sale and this is given a lot of time in training employees. The first purchase is not as important as the fact that the client will choose you tomorrow and tell others about you.

Private traders knit communication threads with different specialists. Recommend will be those who are passionate about their work and ready to share not only knowledge, but also warmth with other people.

Recommendations from hand to hand have a good weight in promoting their business. It doesn't matter if you bake homemade buns or share math knowledge as a tutor, it is important to firmly understand that if a person comes to you, writes, calls, he wants to warm up, and then get knowledge or goods.

Keep your smile until the door closes behind the customer. At least on duty, at first. Hone your goodwill.