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5 best films of the first half of 2019

Summing up the first six months of 2019. In the list are films that went to the Russian box office on January 1. The festival hits that we watched in 2018 and that were in the top films of last year were not included in the review.

"Avengers: Endgame"

Captain Obvious: the most awaited film of the decade, of course, tops the list. After clicking Thanos from the last film five years have passed, and the survivors are trying to cope with the loss. But the miraculous return of the Ant-Man from the quantum space gives hope to superheroes: perhaps the irreparable can still be fixed. In this epic battle of good and evil, the winner will be the one who will be ready to sacrifice everything. And we love him 3,000 times. Here is our detailed story about what we saw in the Avengers final.


DC studio bit Marvel, and she began to make a fun, quick movie. Fourteen-year-old Billy Batson thanks to an honest open heart gets super power. Now with a shout of "Shazam!" He can turn into an adult handsome man with the face and body of Zachary Livay. Together with his friend Billy, he first had a good time, checking the list of his capabilities (“Lightning out of hand!”), But then he has to grow up sharply and save the world. Under all these superplashes and acne there is a touching story about what a real family is, responsibility and power, which is not so much in truth as in people who love you. We are waiting for the sequel with Scala in the role of the Black Adam, and you refresh in your memory everything you need to know about Shazam.

"John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum"

He continues to avenge the dog - with a pencil, horses, machine guns and Halle Berry. Keanu Reeves found himself anew in the role of a Belarusian killer with a heart of gold (this is how he learned to shoot, preparing for the role), and we, with bated breath, are already watching the third film for the adventures of Baba Yaga and the excursion in one person. That rare case, when the inventiveness of the authors is steeper and steeper each time, and you are ready to watch the fourth, fifth, and tenth parts.


The 90s are not only in fashion among Russian filmmakers. John Hill made his debut in directing memories of the misery of the slums of Los Angeles. The main character, Stevie, lives with his mother and brother, who does not care about him, and finds a new family in the concrete streets, among skaters - the same outcasts, like himself. The first plaque, the first kiss, the first blood - Hill explores the topic of growing up and finding one's self rigidly, confidently, coping well with the rhythm and immersion into the atmosphere of that time. Read our text about the movie from Toronto, where we were the first to watch it.


We were lucky: in Cannes, we watched the full version of Elton John's biopic and witnessed the tears of Teron Edgerton both at the premiere and at the press conference of the film. In Russia, the distributor cut out the homosexual scene, as well as the final caption about the family happiness of the singer with her husband David Furnish, which angered the musician. But even with such castration, “Rocketman” is a vivid spectacle with the incredibly creative processing of Elton John's hits into a plot line. This is how a healthy person's biopic music should be.