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Russians scolded Lady Gaga for moving to Bradley Cooper

Residents of Russia began to regularly leave insults to the American singer and actress Lady Gaga because of rumors about her love affair with Bradley Cooper and her role in the separation of the actor from the Russian supermodel Irina Shayk.

Under the latest July posts of Lady Gaga on Instagram you can read a lot of negative comments in Russian in the direction of the singer. It is called a runt, a goat, and also publish Emoji in the form of a snake. "Everything! I have even deleted Bad Romance from the playlist, I don’t love you anymore, you are a lonely fellow, ”the user wrote.

Some in the comments refer to Shake. “Irka, I hope you will read the comments,” said one of the users. Fans so reacted to the information that the actress moved to the house of Cooper.

In June 2019, Sheik and Cooper broke up after four years of relationship. Many believed that Lady Gaga was the cause of the break. Rumors about the novel began to appear because of the movie “Star was born,” in which the actor and Lady Gaga played the main roles.

Emotional performance at the Oscar film awards ceremony supporters of the theory of the novel between the actor and actress considered the confirmation of the romantic relationship between them. Lady Gaga in February 2019 explicitly stated that they had played love with Cooper and that these were not real feelings. However, then it also became known that the singer broke off the engagement with her manager, Christian Carino.