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Angelina Jolie invited Brad Pitt to spend the summer holidays with their children

In the difficult relationship of ex-spouses - 44-year-old Angelina Jolie and 55-year-old Brad Pitt, the long-awaited thaw. According to an insider, whose words are quoted in The Sun, Angie recently contacted her ex-husband for the first time in a long time and addressed him with a request.

Jolie suggested Pitt spend the summer with their six children: 17-year-old Maddox, 15-year-old Pax, 14-year-old Zakhara, 13-year-old Shiloh and 11-year-old Vivienne and Knox, to which the actor agreed.

Angelina will spend most of the summer on the set of the film Those Who Wish Me Dead (Those Who Wish Me Dead), which is why she contacted Brad and asked him to take care of their common children during this period. This is a huge step in their relationship, because before Jolie Pitt limited in communicating with children. Brad is in seventh heaven - Anonymous informed the publication.

The insider also clarified that during the summer holidays, children will also have the opportunity to talk with their grandparents, who missed them a lot. It is known that Pitt invited his parents, Jane and William, to his mansion in Los Angeles so that they could spend time together.

Recall that Brad's desire to spend summer holidays with children became known at the beginning of summer. Then Pitt even adjusted his work schedule so as to visit the children in New Mexico more often, where they stayed with his mother while filming the painting "Those who wish me dead." By the way, then Pitt could not even imagine that after some time the circumstances would be such a pleasant way for him.

They both understand that they need to move forward in life. There is no more drama. All the dust has settled. They have always been focused on what is best for children, - told a friend close to the stars.

Jolie may have softened after Pitt recently gave her an ultimatum. The actor appealed to his lawyers to ask the judge to set a deadline for Angelina to sign all the divorce documents, and also imposed a large fine on her in case of delay.

He is tired of the fact that Angelina is constantly postponing the divorce proceedings, which is very painful for him. It seems to him that for Angelina it became a kind of game, - explained the reasons for the actions of Pitt insider.

Recall that the divorce process of Angelina and Brad has been going on for the third year. One of the most acute differences of Hollywood stars was the issue of child custody. Only in November 2018, Pitt and Jolie agreed on temporary custody.