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Mila Jovovich is pregnant again

The star shared the news with fans. The actress is expecting a third child from her husband Paul Anderson. Mila showed a photo in which she laid her hand on a rounded belly.

Again“ flew “
She reported on Instagram.

Mila admitted that such a news first scared her.

After 13 weeks ago I found out that I was pregnant, I had mixed feelings, from complete joy to horror. Because of my age and the loss of my last pregnancy, I didn’t want to get too attached to this potential baby.

The famous mother said that the first weeks of pregnancy were very difficult for her with her husband.

We lived like a needle, waiting for test results and spending most of the time in doctors' offices

Thank God the health of the actress is all right. Mila already knows that they will have a girl, and is preparing to become a mother with many children.

Wish me and my baby good luck! I am sending you a lot of love, I will keep you informed of my successes! Kisses, Mila
she turned to the fans.

Two years ago, the star survived an abortion. After that, Mila began to have depression, from which children, daughters Eva and Dashiel, helped her to get out. By the way, the girls are very similar to the race and her mother Galina.