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My favorite American movies

I've loved American movies and cartoons since I was a kid. They are distinguished by their originality and interesting plot. I want to tell you about some of my favorite films and cartoons.

1. «Spider-Man». The film was released in 2002, I was a teenager at the time. This film gave a great hope for the best, and it is about an unusual superhero that made the film very unusual. After that film, I fell in love with superheroes and started watching films from Marvel. All the boys wanted to become a spider-man, and the girls wanted to be his beloved.

Despite everything you've done for them, they'll hate you.
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2. «Tom and Jerry». Cartoon of my childhood. I still love it because it's very funny, even though it doesn't have the main plot and essence. For a child, the main thing is a good animation and a fun end. It seems to me that I watched all the series of all seasons.

3. «Titanic». Melodrama of my youth, for some time it was my favorite film. Love and sad end are the ingredients of melodrama. For me, this movie was amazing, at the end I always cried.

4. «Cinderella». Disney cartoon, very old. It was produced under the guidance of Walt Disney. My favorite children's cartoon, thanks to it I fell in love with princesses. I believed in dreams and waited for my prince.

5. «The Lord of the Rings». The film in the style of fantasy, consists of three parts, later released the film "Hobbit", which shows what was before. This film I still consider my favorite fiction, because it left me with great impressions, the best emotions.

6. «Scooby Doo». Cartoon of my childhood and youth. It merged fantasy and comedy, adventure. I love cartoons in this style, they are very interesting, and after watching them you are left with great impressions.

I believe that everyone has their favorite movies and cartoons, which have shaped the child's special qualities, so that a person becomes a person.