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5 fashionable discoveries of Coco Chanel

Gabrielle Chanel was born on August 19, 1883, she is Coco Chanel - the greatest person who made many revolutions in the fashion of her time, most of her innovations are still an example of ideal style.


A truly bright black woman does not eclipse. Today, a little black dress is a basic piece of clothing that every woman needs, regardless of the season and fashion trends. Chanel invented it, despite the lush dresses with a lot of decor that were fashionable in her time. She liked conciseness more. Black color was also perceived as a revolution - it was considered boring, but the great Mademoiselle knew that a truly bright black woman would not eclipse, but only emphasize her beauty with proper feeding and harmonious accessories.


Coco Chanel sincerely believed that the decorations should not cause envy and should not be necessarily expensive. Therefore, she invited clients to wear jewelry. The main thing, in her opinion, was that the decorations simply pleased their owner.


Having gone to sea, Coco Chanel once discovered the convenience and practicality of a vest for herself - at that time it was only part of the sailors' uniform. Chanel began to wear it herself and began to use it in her collections. Today the stripped vest is also considered a classic wardrobe.


The iconic bag model is named "2.55". Chanel said: “I’m tired of wearing reticules in my hands, and besides, I’ve always lost them.” Therefore, she came up with a simple and ingenious thing - a small handbag on a long chain. It could be hung on the shoulder, leaving his hands free. The bag was introduced in February 1955 and is still produced - the iconic model is named "2.55".


Coco Chanel was the first to wear the pants herself and designed them for the female figure. Her example was quickly followed by the fashionable public. In the afternoon, Chanel preferred to wear shortened trousers, and for evening exits she created wide and long ones - she soon made Marlene Dietrich as iconic.