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Why is Meghan Markle deliberately not dieting after pregnancy?

We tell how the most photographed woman in the world dictates her own rules.

After the 37-year-old California actress became the duchess, in the press they only talk about Meghan’s desire to change and seize the monarchy. It all started from the moment when the newly-made royal person slammed the door of her car, thereby violating all protocols. Then came the accusations of the rebellion in her desire to live separately from Cambridge and the liberal views on the upbringing of children. However, the most radical act of Meghan is a demonstration of how the body of a woman who has recently become a mother looks, regardless of her social status. We tell why she deliberately does not diet after the birth of Archie.


Remember Kate Middleton, who returned to her pre-pregnancy form a few weeks after the birth of her last son. Yes, maybe someone may say that it is a matter of genetics, although it is known for certain that Kate has lost weight through intensive training and the strictest diets. It is impossible not to agree that society places unrealistic demands on mothers. Headlines of the media are full of admiration for Victoria’s Secret models who return to the podium immediately after giving birth. However, journalists do not mention how the bodies change after pregnancy and what hormonal changes take place in the body, as well as what efforts (and sometimes losses) it takes for a trim figure. The fans and the world community expected that Meghan Markle would appear slim one month after the birth, but were shocked that the Duchess had chosen a different approach to self-presentation — a more honest and frank one.


When Meghan went out for the first time after the birth of Archie, it created a furor. Then the duchess appeared in a tight trench dress that emphasized her belly and full hands, causing a wave of outrage in social networks. Nevertheless, in addition to the haters, there were fans of the duchess, who thanked her for her honesty and body positive. In their posts, they assured that the most photographed woman in the world finally highlights key points necessary for society and correctly uses her popularity - Meghan encourages women to be natural and shows that happiness and inner harmony do not depend on the figure on the scales. Yes, she put on weight during pregnancy, but this is not a reason to exhaust yourself with a diet. That is why she chose a pleated skirt to go to Wimbledon (a type of skirt that visually makes the figure bigger), and later appeared in a tight black dress by Jason Wu and her favorite legendary Aquazurra shoes at the premiere of "The Lion King".

Well, Meghan does not write Instagram posts about how she wakes up every night to feed her son or how she tries to restore her body after giving birth. Still, with her exits, she demonstrates real motherhood, which turns every woman’s life upside down. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the new status requires you to have an ideal figure and think only about how you look from the outside.