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How to make yourself eat right?

There are some practical tips that will help beginners get used to the idea that proper nutrition is necessary for a happy and healthy life. Proper nutrition is not a punishment or deprivation! If you learn how to make your diet taking into account the necessary balance of vitamins, microelements and bioactive substances, you will not feel hunger during the day, you will not think about excess and you will not feel any discomfort.

Healthy eating is not a diet. You just remove the excess and choose the best forever! There is a need for everything that your body really needs and you should not spend your health for the sake of momentary pleasure from some junk food.

Proper nutrition — is a conscious approach to the preparation of the diet and eating. When you understand what is good, what is bad and why everything is just like that, you will stop reaching out to “forbidden” food. After all, you can not feel the pleasure of saturating yourself with a source of fast carbohydrates, from which extra kilos at the waist; carcinogens provoking cancer; fats, from which often there is pancreatitis and hepatitis, etc.

Proper nutrition is not a myth, but a reality! Man is a being rational. He can determine what is bad and what is good for his health and consciously refuse the harmful, and choose what is good for his diet. Healthy eating can be a good habit! After all, a habit is a great thing that has a huge impact on our lives. It is not necessary to form bad habits, it is better than to create useful attachments.

No need to force yourself to eat properly, you should want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition — this is what you need to come consciously. No strict framework is needed, there must be a sincere desire to preserve health, purity of the soul, to become better and more perfect.

Healthy nutrition is what gives a solid base for a healthy lifestyle, which means it improves well-being, stabilizes vital energy, creates a positive mood background. So why not try to get so much good, giving up the bad and choosing the good?

Healthy eating rules

In addition to the fact that you should not eat harmful, but you need to make your diet, saturating it with useful, rich in vitamins and microelements products, you should pay attention to the rules of eating. It turns out that there are a number of rules of healthy eating, which should adhere to adherents of healthy lifestyles. If you adhere to the following recommendations, you will get as close as possible the process of saturating the body of food to the ideal. These rules are followed by yoga. And they are known to possess true wisdom in terms of preserving youth, health, beauty, external and internal purity.

* Alcohol is harmful in any quantities, so it should never be added to the meal in any quantity! * You can not overeat. Food should saturate, and filling the stomach to the open sensation is not only harmful, but even unsafe. * It is necessary to eat only when the body feels the need for food. No need to eat for fun, to “kill” time or for the company. Fun should be in other ways, but not eating food. * Eat food at room temperature. Do not eat too cold or hot. It is harmful to the digestive tract and makes it difficult to feel the authentic taste of products. * Do not heat food in the microwave. It is not at all useful, but even harmful. Cook only with the use of natural sources of heat, cold.

* Choose products of natural plant origin. No need to eat products created with the help of chemical processing, genetic engineering, etc. * Lactating food is not the best element of the diet. Think about the soul, save the health of the body. It is not so tasty to eat the tissues of a dead animal or to consume poultry in the form of a germ in an eggshell. * Cook in a good mood. All the negative is transmitted to food. Anger, sadness, longing do not make the products healthy and do not give good taste to food, but they carry a negative charge to the body. * Make sure that all elements of food consumed at a time, combined. Do not mix a lot of different components. It knocks the body off the smooth, calm rhythm of digesting foods. * Meals should be taken in a relaxed and appropriate setting. Do not eat in the hustle and bustle. It will not bring benefit and comfort.

* Observe the diet. Chaotic meals at different times destabilize the normal background in the body. As a result, there may be “surprises” that are the fruit of indiscriminate food. * Physical activity should be carried out 45–60 minutes before eating and 30 minutes after eating. Maybe a little later, but not worth it before. * Eat only what you like. If a product seemed stale, tasteless, or does not fit the concept of your preferences, discard it. Take what you like now and want to eat. Of course, it must be a useful natural product. * Saturate your diet with fresh foods that have not undergone heat treatment. If you ate porridge today, supplement it with fresh fruit or a smoothie made from fresh vegetables. The body really needs dietary fiber and fiber. All this is contained only in fresh plant food. * Drink only pure natural drinks. Discard canned fruit drinks and juices. Do not drink lemonade. Do not drink tea, coffee. Сlean water, herbal tea, fresh fruit smoothies — this is something that will benefit and will not have a harmful effect on the body. * Eat calmly, chew each piece carefully. Do not wash down food with plenty of water. Drink measured sips. Enjoy your meal. * Eat only in a pleasant company or alone.

This is an incomplete list of rules. But this is the main thing! All this is definitely worth taking into account, becoming the path of a healthy lifestyle and observing the principles of proper nutrition.