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From ceremonial receptions to a garden party

How to decode dress codes in invitations

Summer is the traditional season of weddings! The choice of couples is understandable - in good weather, it is much more pleasant to hold parties, because you can not huddle in the restaurant hall, but arrange a celebration right under the open sky. However, the celebration of nature does not cancel the exquisite dresses - not only for the bride and groom, but also for guests.

White tie

This is by far the most luxurious and most stringent dress code - those who decided to party in such a format clearly perceived the expression “walk like a king” too literally. The probability of encountering such a dress code in real life (if there are no representatives of the aristocracy among your friends, of course) is, frankly, not so great, but you need to be ready for everything. It can not do without this evening dress, and preference should be given to materials, "playing" in the light: satin, silk, embroidered with sequins fabrics. White Tie is not a place for experimentation, the rules have not changed for many decades (and no loosening!), So classical evening styles and stilettos should be chosen. From accessories you need to add long gloves, a miniature handbag and, of course, diamonds. Men can not do without a black dress coat and dress trousers with silk or satin stripes, a starched white shirt and a waistcoat in tone (it should be buttoned without fail on all buttons). Inspired when choosing a wardrobe, you can watch the series "Downton Abbey", the movie "Titanic" and photos from receptions in Buckingham Palace.

Black tie

Exhale! Here everything is not so strict, though no less solemn! Elegance still remains the main criterion in the selection of the image. Ideally, choose a dress to the floor, although some relaxation here is permissible. So, you can choose a shorter dress, as long as it covers the knees. Lace and shine are also welcome guests here, but with experiments and colors, some experiments are allowed. Expensive jewelry is also optional, and indeed this dress code contains, perhaps, the largest number of indulgences. So, if there is an optional mark, then you can safely choose shorter dresses (even with open knees, but you should refrain from an outright mini!), Or a strict trouser suit, or even a smart evening overalls. Men, who are obliged to wear a classic black tie to a tuxedo and a black bow tie, are allowed to come in their usual strict suit and tie. Variant of the dress code creative at all, as is clear from the name, gives freedom of fantasy (within reason, of course!). Here you can experiment with cut and bright details. I want to walk rainbow shoes from Christian Louboutin and handbags from Judith Leiber - no one will mind! You can get inspired here with almost any red carpet (with domestic events - with caution).


A tip for women lies in the title itself: feel free to choose a cocktail dress! Initially, this style appeared when it became necessary to adapt old evening dresses to the laws of the new time. So, cocktail dresses appeared during dry law in the United States. In the shortened version of the classic evening dress it was easy to dance clockwork dances of the 20s. Today, such a dress code, as a rule, implies that the event will begin in the daytime (at least until seven o'clock in the evening). Bright colors and light airy fabrics like chiffon are welcome here. Velvet and satin are also permissible, but this is a more winter variation of the сocktail - however, if the summer day is cold, then why not! From shoes you can safely choose shoes or sandals metallic colors, as well as decorated with rhinestones and crystals. Men at such an event are waited in suits: a tie or a jovial (yes, it is not necessary to adhere to a strict monochrome) butterfly - to choose a mod.

Beach formal

Beach party - the dream of many! It's so spectacular and romantic: the endless azure, and the beautiful sunset, and the sound of the surf, which is better than any fashionable DJ, and ... Stop! Usually we come to the beach in swimsuits, but do not you go to the event in it? What else can be worn on the beach, tell decoding beach beach dress code. In fact, everything is simple: almost any elegant summer dress or jumpsuit will do. Natural fabrics, prints, romantic ruffles and embroidery are welcome. It is worth choosing colors that blend well with the sea landscape: these are shades of red, carrot, yellow and blue. Natural pastel shades will also be a win-win option. Rejoice, lovers of comfortable shoes - studs from you here, of course, no one is waiting. You can complement the outfit with sandals on a low square heel or flat sandals, and large ornaments from an assortment of good jewelery will help you to add a festive look: beads, hippie-style pendants, round earrings and massive bracelets.


In our country, this type of dress code is not yet very common, but do not be afraid of an unfamiliar name. In fact, this is a variation of the cocktail form of clothes, only more free and playful - to be a little overdressed in this situation is not only not terrible, but even commendable. Add a cheerful mood with expressive accents: a breast necklace, red shoes or a shiny clutch. Men can abandon the classic costume and play with a combination of different textures: corduroy or flannel pants, tweed or velvet jackets.

Casual / Casual Chic

Today, many prefer to give up their pompous events: it is not only expensive, but it seems to many that they are rather old-fashioned. Some brides themselves are ready to go to the registry office in jeans! It is certainly inappropriate to torment guests with a complicated dress code. Jeans in this version really come to mind first and are quite acceptable, but you can add them with more elegant things: a blouse with a spectacular bow, a silk top or an elegant jacket. Allowed and sets of trousers and cardigan, jersey dress. If you plan a simple barbecue party, a pullover, jeans and sneakers or a regular summer dress would be appropriate. However, no matter how democratic this dress code may be, from T-shirts with prints, sports trousers and running sneakers still need to be abandoned.