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What clothes Coco Chanel did not like?

Each lady should keep in mind the opinion of a stylish French woman. These are some fashion attributes, which did not become her addiction.


When she was a young girl, Coco often appeared in public in bootleg trousers as well as in jockey trousers. Thus, she shocked the conservative-minded public. However, the later popularization of this wardrobe item did not suit her taste.

Her inconsistent attitude to trousers can be explained by the fact that women in the post-war years were imposed to wear pants. Besides, the textile industry did not have the resources and the ability to change rapidly the release of clothing for soldiers to the production of feminine dresses.

Instead of frankness and recognition of their powerlessness, the factories “fed” customers with tales that the time for skirts and dresses had passed. Such a situation and insincerity could not satisfy a freedom-loving Coco Chanel.

What is important: Coco abandoned pants once and forever! After all, according to her opinion, freedom is stylish. A lack of freedom and choice cannot give rise to style.


The designer considered knees the ugliest part of the female body. This may surprise, especially because she created the little black dress. However, “little” in the context of the legendary attire of Madame Chanel does not mean length. It means silhouette and cut. Therefore, there is no internal contradiction in this case.

What is important: If you look at the clothes, created by the great woman, as well as her style, you will notice that Chanel dresses and skirts always covered knees.

Wedding Dresses

The story of the creation of the little black dress is connected with the greatest personal loss of Chanel - the death of her beloved. After that, the designer never married.

Some people think it explains her dislike for wedding dresses. Others emphasize that the traditional dress of the bride is a relic and an imposed obligation. Freedom-loving Coco could not tolerate artificially created obligations.

Men's long jackets

They hide absolutely everything, including a fine figure of a man. As Chanel joked, famous for her “sharp” tongue: because of such a jacket, I do not see if a man likes me or not. Nevertheless, another star - Marlene Dietrich - was very fond of the men's suit. And, as we see, it did not hide the merits of her figure ...

What accessories Coco Chanel did not like

Coco Chanel also had a personal attitude towards jewelry. There are some items, which she did not like.


We are talking about massive jewelry and attempts to put on a large number of such jewels. The designer believed that such products did not make a girl more attractive. According to Coco, they have a completely different role. Their task is to emphasize the wealth of a man who owns a woman. And if so, then there is no point in being a walking advertisement for your husband or lover to the detriment of your appearance.

What is important: Chanel generally insisted that any excess adversely affects the appearance of a girl. One of her most frequently cited recommendations is to remove a piece of jewelry, which was put on the last.


Chanel said that people with good taste use jewelry. And all the others wear gold.

In the course of her life, the couturier supported her opinion with a lot of skillfully made jewelry. It is worth noting that many of them look much better than products made from precious metals then and today.

The famous Frenchwoman taught us lessons that are valuable nowadays. Are not they?