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This is a style of pants as "bananas". The popularity of the trousers provided. It was carried out "bananas". In our eighties.

What do modern banana pants look like? This style is distinguished by its nuances: • free cut; • the waist is a little overpriced; • in a belt three-five tucks.

In some models there can be patch pockets, the bottom of the legs is complemented by a lapel. These pants are versatile and comfortable, they can be worn both at work and for a walk. What is combined with trousers "bananas"? Considering the fact that the cut we are considering has a free cut, they will be well combined with loose blouses and sweaters. This outerwear was worn with "bananas" in the eighties, it remains relevant today. As accessories, you can use a beautiful trouser belt. Shoe under the pants "banana" can be sandals or shoes with a small heel. Sport shoes will also look great.

With these pants you can create a strict suit. For this, a pullover tucked into trousers can be used as outerwear. For such a suit, shoes must be heeled shoes. Designers do not recommend hiding these pants under a long coat. In the autumn and winter, the pants will look good with a fur coat or with a coat. “Bananas” look good on tall girls. Due to their shape, they slightly “weight” the silhouette and visually shorten the legs. For girls who have curvy shapes, pants will hide their hips well. Thanks to the tucks and the free cut, the lush hips do not stand out much and the waist is well hidden. Chubby women should give up light colors, because light banana pants will make a magnificent figure even wider. The length should be maximized; you should not wear cropped banana pants. These pants will also be complete.

Bananas are ideal for women who walk in position. High waistline and loose fit make it possible to hide the tummy from prying eyes in the first months of pregnancy. The material for this option socks need to choose a soft and stretching. In conclusion, we can conclude: pants "bananas" can be worn with almost any top and with any shoes. They look good on tall women, on plump women and on women with a perfect figure.