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Strange morality of the "Victorian era"

The Victorian era is famous for its strict morals, impeccable etiquette, and closed dresses and suchlike. However, it all has its underside.

Let us begin with the external manifestations of the "spirit of the age" and end it with its internal content.

Dresses, corsets, crinolines

The fashion of those times required that the figure of a woman resembled an hourglass: a wasp waist about 55 cm, trim back, straight shoulders. We do not speak about the lower part of the body, because it was hidden by crinolines and skirts.

55 cm - waist circumference - is an indicator that can not be achieved by some natural methods. Therefore, corsets were actively used. The best of them were quite elongated. They tightly squeezed the body.

To tight a waist with a corset was an exercise that took a lot of time. Nevertheless, in those days there were no social networks and the Internet, so losing minutes and hours on such things as dressing yourself was not very sorry. It was even a kind of entertainment.

There was something even more terrible: the corset tightly squeezed the internal organs, which led to the deformation of the kidneys, the liver, and other organs. Besides, the back would become weaker because the muscles did not work. The spinal column was supported by a corset.

Ladies fainted, and some even died. Nevertheless, beauty, as it is known requires a lot of sacrifices.

Crinolines and puffy skirts were other problems. There were a lot of problems with them. Firstly, it was hard to move around in such outfits: to walk and ride in carriages. In addition, it was not easy to cope with natural needs. Secondly, going to the toilet was a long show. Thirdly, wearing lush dresses was dangerous. The rooms were heated with fireplaces then, and the sparks could fell on the clothes. You can imagine what would start.

Artists-humorists of that epoch painted ladies in overly lush skirts, to which cavaliers could not physically approach. So they trampled a few meters away from the beauties.

Eventually, crinolines were replaced by tournures. Nevertheless, it gave rise to new problems. For example, not very well-off women of the beautiful half of humanity could not afford tournures made of soft materials and rubbed their skin very hard.

Medicines and paints

Materials for painting walls were made using heavy metals and actual poisons. It was very difficult to stay in a room. People suffered from headaches, had a pale appearance. However, such an appearance was considered a sign of "blue blood". Well, interesting.

Instead of medicine, people used drugs. Besides, they were prescripted for all diseases. Of course, they relieved pain, improved well-being. Nevertheless, this was until getting addicted.


The word “Victorian” is now used in England as synonymous with the concept of "hypocrisy." As one can see, all the British were then with good manners, discreet, pleasant in all respects. However:

· Corporal punishment was practiced; · Poor women had to do hard work while they were pregnant; · Ladies from high society were guarded so much that they were not allowed to read newspapers. Husbands read out loud only selected articles in order not to injure the psyche of their wives. In addition, ladies were not given education, were not allowed to take part in political life.

"Excessive morality" was cultivated. However, it got to the point of absurdity. It was impossible to offer a chicken leg at dinner to a lady. Books of authors of different sexes should have been on different shelves. With the only exception: if writers or poets were married.

Women perceived marriage as a frightening inevitability. However, it is possible that everything was different. History is such a thing, it costs nothing to distort it.