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In the “Etudes about Human Nature”, the Russian scientist and embryologist I. Mechnikov wrote: “One of the most ancient methods for extending human life was the so-called gerocomy, which consisted of contact of old men with young girls.”

The desire to rejuvenate never left humanity. Any means were suitable for this purpose, including physical contact with younger partners. Information about gerocomy is contained in the writings of the ancient Greek physician and philosopher Hippocrates (c. 460-c. 370 BC), but the method existed long before that. Mechnikov quotes the Bible: “In the Book of Kings we find:“ King David grew old, and although he was covered with clothes, he could not get warm. And his servants said, May they bring, O king, a young virgin, that she should be with the king and go with him, and sleep on his breast, and let our ruler be warmed. ” By the way, Ilya Mechnikov married his student, thirteen years younger than himself.

Gerocomy was widespread in ancient Greece, India, Eastern countries, China, etc. There is an ancient epitaph “Esculapius and Health from L. Claudius Hermippus, who lived for 115 years and 5 days with the help of breathing young women and to the surprise of doctors. Try to live as he did. ” The services of young girls to extend the life and rejuvenate of the body used the crowned heads and rich fat cats. At the beginning of the XVIII century, one Dutch doctor recommended that his patient sleep between two young girls in order to regain lost strength.

Philosophers and wise men of the past believed that the breath of the girls contained some primary matter, rejuvenating the body. Even greater importance was attached to touching the young body. Nevertheless, the most powerful effect should give physical contact in the form of sexual intercourse. At the same time, anti-aging hormones should directly enter the aging body. As a result of energy transfer, the libido and endocrine system were activated. The Nobel Prize laureate I. Mechnikov explained the mechanism of herocomy as follows: “The proximity of young girls should cause the secretion of prostate gland juice, which, when absorbed into the blood, produces an excitatory effect on the nervous system.”

Herocomy itself is a men’s invention and is primarily intended to serve the needs of men. However, women also benefited from emerging opportunities. From history, it is known that in ancient Greece, wealthy mature ladies attracted young boys to rejuvenate. They chose only virgin boys and generously paid for their services. After performing a delicate task, the young men were considered worthless for reuse. Over time, this practice has become an ordinary purchase and sale transaction, however, it has not lost its initial therapeutic nature.

Today, the existence of gerocomy is limited by social causes. It is difficult to imagine that a group of modern girls agreed to warm the bed of a decrepit old man. Of course, if he is not an Arab sheikh or a multimillionaire. Sometimes the role of King David falls is played by a political leader, dictator, tyrant.

The most striking example of this kind is Mao Zedong. The unchallenged leader of the People’s Republic of China possessed unlimited power and commanded an immense country. He was married four times, each of which was younger than the previous one. The difference in age with the second wife was eight years, with the third — seventeen years, with the fourth — twenty-one years. As a true dictator, he was very concerned about extending his life and preserving youth. In his personal life, Mao Zedong adhered to the philosophy of Taoism and believed that the secret of longevity lies in sexual activity. The legendary progenitor of the Chinese, The Yellow Emperor gained immortality after sleeping with thousands of young virgins. Chairman Mao tried to follow this example. The great helmsman had many mistresses who fed his energy.

Probably, humanity will never part with the illusion of overcoming death through sex. The doctrine of a young body will never lose its attractiveness and will not lose its supporters. The story continues: she did not see him young, and he will not see her old.