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In the upcoming spring-summer 2019 fashion, more than ever, it is focused on the reflection of the contrasts of the modern world. Many designers demonstrated the opposite view of the role of women in society, therefore, in the new spring-summer collections there were also fantastic dresses designed to emphasize hyper-femininity and strict trouser suits that talk about women's empowerment in the business world. It is a rule that clothing can be a vector of thought and opinion.

Designers have become attached to the trends and can not abandon the brightest and most advanced. So many trends in 2018 moved to the 2019th. Does this mean that fashion has slowed down? Nothing like this. Simply, she can not so quickly part with what has passed into the category of hits. At the same time, fashion subtly introduces exciting novelties that we cannot resist. And you can see for yourself that fresh versions of famous trends may surprise you and inspire further experiments.


Many spring-summer collections were imbued with serene elegance, which was achieved through the nude range of clothing. This is the whole range of shades from cream to beige, with which you can create a wardrobe full of fundamentals, and in addition to focus attention on the details of the cut. Because if we choose nude total look, then we can well afford to experiment with decoration and decor, without fear of overloading images. And for minimalists the nude scale of clothes will be an ideal basis for clothes for many years.


Reflecting the return to the fashion of the 80s and the growing interest in cyberpunk, all the bright colors fell into the collections of the spring-summer 2019 season. This dazzling tendency was impossible not to notice, and it is called neon. Bold, juicy and bold shades of lime, lemon, orange and fuchsia will be the most relevant in the spring-summer wardrobe. And it is they who will make others turn their heads, looking after you.


What summer without white? Solar heat charges us with energy and positive. And we demonstrate these qualities with the help of a wardrobe. In particular, through the proven method — the color scheme of our clothes. White color is purity, lightness, refinement, besides, it gives coolness and refreshing. In the upcoming spring-summer season, white is combined with constructionism of lines, a clear silhouette, laconic forms.


Metallic - which is often associated with futurism and exploration of cosmic expanses, this season more to the disco mood of the 80s. Silver metallic turned out to be a priority over its “brother in gloss” — a shade of gold. It was his chosen for their spring-summer collections of fashion designers. You can also notice that metallic from the evening fashion confidently moved into the everyday wardrobe.


A great way to lift your spirits in everyday work is to wear a fruit suit. Of course, if you do not have a strict dress code. This season, fashion designers have created a real fruit cocktail! A suit is a long color vertical that is slim. Accessories, bag and shoes can be selected in the same shade, and you can take a contrasting color. Choose a shade that suits you by color type and shine.