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The story of how the Versace of Jennifer Lopez forced to invent Google Images

It was the year 2000, and it was not easy to search for photos on the Internet: the sensation caused by the singer's dress served to create the image search engine. We remember the anecdote on the 50th birthday of the artist.

It was the year 2000. We, humans, had survived the supposed global chaos that was going to occur on December 31, 1999 - or effect 2000 - whereby, in theory, computers were going to go crazy and its consequences were going to be catastrophic for humanity. Although the world did not end, 2000 came with a feeling of being less future than we had imagined through science fiction: we had no flying cars, no trips to Mars, nor did we feed through pills. Yes we had Internet at home, but not yet in our pockets. It was the year that Big Brother was released, becoming a social phenomenon and forever changing the rules of television. It was the year that Britney Spears became a pop icon. It was the year of Requiem for a dream, Gladiator or Billy Elliot. The year in which the couple most persecuted by the paparazzi was formed by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. It was the year that Jennifer Lopez's dance Waiting for Tonight hit the dance floor and the year that the artist, who with her debut album had become a world superstar, inspired the creation of Google Images. It was after the Grammy ceremony of that year and thanks to a green Versace dress that remains in the memory of many fashion fans (and not fans). This is the story of the dress that caused the birth of the Google image search engine.

The dress

Jennifer Lopez herself told the story on her YouTube channel. The singer was filming at that time Wedding plans with Matthew McConaughey and the day before the ceremony, they were shooting some scenes on horseback in a natural setting. Then her stylist, Andrea Lieberman, appeared and warned her: "The Grammy is tomorrow and you have nothing to wear." J. She had postponed the dress test for music awards so many times because of her many work commitments that the stylist had little to offer her.

Specifically, and on the same Grammy day, the stylist only had two dresses: one was a white dress and the other the green Versace dress. Andrea Lieberman had a clear opinion about what J.Lo should wear, according to the singer. “My stylist told me: I think you should wear the white dress, because three people have already worn the green dress - including Donatella. It's the Grammy, you need to wear something else. And I said: OK, let me try both and we see it. ” But despite the advice of her stylist, when J. Lo tried the Versace, her manager and advisor, Benny Medina, made it clear: “That's it! That is the dress!” he said. Her stylist did not approve the decision: he had dressed the singer for many red carpets and video clips, making J. Lo become a style icon, and he did not like the idea of ​​wearing a dress that other celebrities had worn before.

When they made the decision, the artist's only concern was whether, with such a low accentuated décolleté of the Versace dress, her breasts would not come in sight in the middle of the ceremony. So to avoid those problems, the edges of the décolleté were glued to the skin: "I think that when everyone saw the dress, he thought the same thing, but I had it well attached to his chest," Lopez said.

The singer said that she felt a kind of frenzy when she set foot on the red carpet of the ceremony. Having so many cameras pending on her, she thought that there was a more famous artist behind. Nevertheless, the cameras were immortalizing the artist and the dress that would become the most sought image of Google.

The largest Internet image search engine

The dress caused a sensation. And in 2019 we already know that a sensation converts into searches. In the year 2000, however, it was more complicated to find what one wanted: Google was a word search engine that offered you a short text and a series of links in response to a search. According to Google’s CEO article of the year 2015, people wanted more: “When Google came to light people were delighted, they could find everything they wanted with just one click on their computer. However, like all successful inventors, the founders of Google continued to seek improvement in their product. People began to claim more than text, and this became more evident with the appearance of Jennifer Lopez at the 2000 music awards. The artist's green dress grabbed the eyes of the world, becoming the most popular search of the moment on the internet. And that's how Google Images was born.

Therefore, the history of technology and that of fashion joined together forever.