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Wearing black and white

Every year, leading fashion houses, world-famous designers bring seductive bright colors to us, forcing us to open our wallet wider, update our wardrobe in current colors. Nothing can be done, business and the desire to earn: in the fashion industry spinning crazy money! But there is one old, proven Refuge for those who do not keep up with fashion trends or simply don't have a budget for new clothes. This is a monochrome gamma, black and white color in clothes.

Some fashion guru claim that Coco Chanel was the ancestor of the style, let it be, we don't mind! For almost 100 years, monochrome has been considered a proven classic with a universal character: it can be used both for everyday wear for business meetings, special occasions, parties.

The power of the black and white style is in contrast, as opposed to. It's like yin and yang, male and female, light and dark, night and day.

Black and white combination in clothes lead to a blind alley: which one to choose the top, and which one is the bottom, where will anthracite look better, and where is the snow-white one? Forget school nightmares, where only one rule worked! Do as you see fit, both options are good. If the weather is bad, then it is better to wear a black skirt or trousers, and on good summer day on the contrary, although the first option is possible too.

Monochrome strip and checks

Alternating combination of black and white in stripes and checks is a universal, stylish solution for every day, and not only. For women with problem figures, the strip is a very powerful tool for concealing flaws and emphasizing merits. The vertical bar is always slim, the horizontal bar adds volume. The cross strips evoke thoughts of the sea and beach carefree rest: like a vest, only the stripes are not blue ... The striped jumper is out of fashion and timeless: it looks like he will never leave the ladies' wardrobe.

The black and white strip is extremely philosophical: “life is like a stripe” says an old saying. A period of trouble is always followed by a period of luck and victories.

A large black-and-white checks looks great on coats and voluminous things, but small — anywhere. This season, any check is welcome — open work, large, with thin and thick lines, rhombuses and geometric prints.

We advise you to take one monophonic thing when making a kit, and the second one is stripes or in checks. Combine them easily enough. A great option for a casual style.