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Fashion articles are incredibly popular, but very perishable

Having decided to write an article about fashion, or thinking about how to write an article about fashion, you should remember 3 very important points:

1. You enter a zone of increased competition. 2. You produce a perishable product. 3. An article about fashion without photos or with low quality photos is of dubious value.

Now let's talk about everything in more detail, starting with the first paragraph. High competition among those who know how to write an article about fashion and style is high because it is very easy to make such an article. It is enough to open any "trendy" site, find the latest updates on it, make a rewrite and - opplya !!! - article is ready. And since for the manufacture of such an article it is not necessary to understand the fashion itself, since it is enough to retell the original source, it is not surprising that so many people write about fashion.

Having decided to write a post about fashion, you should not forget that in 1-2 months the article will start to become outdated. First, webmasters will already buy something similar from your colleagues or on another stock exchange. And, secondly, the mode itself is changing so quickly that any information on it becomes outdated with the speed of sound.


It is difficult to imagine a webmaster who, being in his right mind, will buy today the article “Hats. Season 2011 - find out a new trend !!! ”. Well, or something like that.

Why photographs are needed is also understandable. To describe a certain dress, shoes or handbag, even if you have an incredible literary gift, is very difficult. Or rather - not. The reader wants to see what is at stake. Moreover, many webmasters, knowing that the text on their website is a way to attract visitors to photos or videos, because it’s better to watch fashion than read about it, they are looking for texts with photos and videos.

Where to take photos for fashion articles? Here is the ranking of the best places for your search:

1. To go to the fashion show yourself and make a series of shots. 2. Visit the website of the fashion house, and take photos there. 3. Visit a certain bourgeois site on the same subject. I am a patriot, but I have to admit that they are ahead of our analogs by 1-2 weeks, and sometimes more. 4. Visit the Russian-language site about fashion. 5. Everything. Since if you start collecting photos via Google or Yandex "Pictures", consider that your article has no illustration.

The option is possible with setting links to YouTube videos in the body of the article. But here you need to know a foreign language, as you will be looking for new videos in the foreign language segments of YouTube.

Finishing the conversation about the photos, I’ll add a memo, important to everyone who now understands how to write a post about fashion and style: - Photos must be at least 8-12. But without fanaticism - 20 is already overkill. - they all just have to be of excellent quality. - All photos for fashion articles should be the same size.

Therefore, those who decide to write a text about a fashion are simply obliged to learn Photoshop, because often, before displaying a photo, they will have to remove various captions from it that refer to the photo copyright holder's website. And a nuance - if the source site contains the name of the photographer or the name of the resource where the photos are taken from, be sure to include this data in the body of the article. Whether to insert them or not when publishing is decided by the webmaster himself. You save yourself from many problems if it turns out that he is trying not to violate copyright.

Well, in the end there are several rules that should be remembered by anyone who decides or has already decided to write a text about fashion: No need to throw everything in a handful, talking about fashion trends as such. Write about specific collections of specific fashion houses. Write about designers and other comrades, too, separately. We write about hand bags in one article, about shoes, about the colours of lipstick in the third. Reports from shows is an ideal product that is bought the fastest. Give up harsh judgments. You do not have the right to evaluate, because if you do not have a website about fashion with a attendance of 100,000 people, then you cannot claim to be a connoisseur or critic. You are a correspondent who shares with readers a description of what he met, saw or learned. Well, what is being said is good, let the readers decide. Do not let the goods (articles) stale! Once every 2 weeks, reduce the price of articles stuck in the store! Consider yourself marketing. And very often buying something cheap, but cool written, the webmaster will then come to you for a “fresh” article on fashion, which will cost much more.

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