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Fashionable manicure

Nowadays the service industry is very developed, one of them is manicure. Manicure has become an indispensable part of the beauty of any girl. Keep an eye on the nails of every woman. I want to talk about the most fashionable types of manicure of our time.

1. There are two kinds of nail shapes: oval and square. However, the most popular is the oval form of nails. These nails look natural.

2. Fashionable manicure is considered to be in pastel colors, nails in this tone look neat and cute. In this manicure you can add rhinestones and drawings, which also does not go out of fashion. This manicure has long been popular, brings women closer to nature, shows her tenderness.

3. Monochrome manicure in the gloss is the trend of this summer. Especially in red, plum, wine and brown colors, and in bright saturated colors, manicure is relevant. The monotonous fashion manicure of green, emerald and blue colors is also in demand nowadays.

4. French is an outdated classic, but the classic is always in fashion, and if you also have a good master, he can make a French with any other kind of manicure that will look fresh and unusual. Manicure with floral print or decorative pattern will be very original.

5. Another type of manicure, which pleases girls not the first year, lunar fashion manicure. This manicure attracts simplicity, and design options make this manicure chic.

6. Manicure with a frame or a graphic fashionable manicure, which can not do every master, because it is a novelty manicure, which promises to please us for a long time. But such manicure can only have a girl with a long nail plate. Also, this manicure is combined with any clothes.

7. Glass manicure with the effect of "broken glass". Such manicure looks very bright, but can look and provocative. Holographic cellophane or special foil allows the master to create an unusual pattern on the nail.

8. Matt manicure has been in demand for a long time and is still fashionable. Stylish matte manicure is fashionable and elegant. You can add rhinestones or sequins, drawings that will look beautiful.

These varieties of manicure remain in demand and are fashionable. Manicure complements a woman with beauty and elegance.