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Small models. How do they live and what should they be beauty queens for?

Naturally, for each parent, their child is the best. But for many this is not enough, for that there are children's beauty contests. Today I will tell you about the most unusual stories of young participants. That's just interesting, what drives parents, their ambitions or benefit in the name of the child? In 2011, the world stirred up the Toddlers & Tiaras show. This program was a revelation to everyone. It turns out that it’s now possible and fashionable to inject Botox to little girls.

Britney campbell

The story of this baby is still perplexing. Imagine, this girl’s mom started injecting Botox and waxing her bikini zone into her eight-year-old daughter. Sorry, but what is there to depilate in eight years? These procedures were carried out so that in the future the girl did not have excess hair and wrinkles. However, such an investment in the future turned into a global scandal: the guardianship authorities considered that Britney had no place next to such a mother. However, before that, the woman managed to talk about such concern for the beauty of her daughter on the air of central television in America. First, the baby cried from injections and complained of pain, but then she began to ask her mother to quickly inject another portion of healing injections to get rid of facial wrinkles, which she allegedly saw in the mirror. Mom did the injections herself, because despite the tempting material offers, the cosmetologists were not ready for such adventures.

Sweetheart Boo Boo

The real name of this baby Alana Thompson, she became famous at 6 years old. It is difficult to call the girl a typical beauty, and her mother does not strive for this. They take children’s shocking and self-recognition as you are. The girl squeals at the sight of the dollar and is filled with a joyful laugh, and the audience is even more pleased with such a sight. To keep the baby always so cheerful, a caring mother makes a special drink for her: a mixture of lemonade and energy. As the girl’s mother says, there is nothing wrong with this, because she could have completely given the daughter alcohol. And she is not capable of this. Well, you, my daughter spared! I’d put it on a chain. Horror, just horror! What are these mothers just not going to to earn more money on their own children!

Maddy Jackson

This baby hit everyone by appearing in public with false breasts! At the age of four, the girl acquired a bust of size C. The buttocks in the style of Kim Kardashian somehow went unnoticed behind the magnificent neckline. Maddy's mother admitted that someone might be shocked by this, but her baby took this image as a real gift.

Ira Brown

Ira is a living chrysalis. In many pictures, the girl cannot be distinguished from Barbie. The baby was initially given the appearance of a real princess: lips with a bow, bottomless blue eyes and a stunning smile. Only the hair color let us down: a natural blond began to darken over time. Therefore, among the beauty procedures of the baby, in addition to standard makeup, straightening almost infant hair and bronzer, there was a place for regular lightening. Parents claim that Ira really likes life in constant filming and traveling. According to them, the girl is delighted with what is happening in her life.

Paisley dickey

A three-year-old baby girl once tried on herself one of the most striking images of Julia Roberts from the legendary Beauty. Well, you yourself understand that the role of a girl of easy virtue is not at all for a small child! Paisley inflicted a tan and a ton of makeup, put on her black boots and a tight-fitting mini dress. The girl’s mother shared that the baby can be capricious, refusing to dress up and go to the podium. But sweets and princess stickers will always come to the rescue. Well, in general it’s normal, and this is how mother accustoms her daughter to that profession !! I won’t be surprised if she later wonders why her daughter “went the wrong way”

Eden Wood

But the story of this baby does not know any prohibited tricks like Botox and exhausting diets. Another thing is impressive: by the age of 6, the girl managed to participate in 300 beauty contests! Parents had huge plans for the baby: it was planned to launch an entire empire with the release of textiles, toys and even record music albums. Now the girl is 11. If you believe her official site. Eden tries herself as an actress, and her model photos of five years ago still appear with enviable regularity on her Instagram. The very matured participant in the competitions already clearly does not have model parameters and is unlikely to take part in the adult competition again.

Anya Klimovets

Anya Klimovets from Ukraine won the Mini Miss World contest in 2015. The girl’s mother says that she asks for participation in the next contest. It all started with the fact that the baby was very shy, the teachers advised me to take Anya to some section. It was beauty contests that helped the girl gain self-confidence. She found new friends from around the world and there was an incentive to tighten English.

All the contests in which Anya participated are exclusively talent contests, where it’s not enough just to apply tons of makeup and learn how to walk the catwalk
Says mom Anna Klimovets

Adlington Family

The British family of Natalie Adlington is 6 young participants and participants in beauty contests. A mother with many children suddenly decided that it was such activities that would help her offspring to prolong her childhood. True, Natalie does not disclose exactly how childhood is connected and everything that happens on the catwalk. Adlington had to spend a lot of money: cosmetics and clothes for children cost more than ten thousand dollars. But as they say, beauty requires sacrifice, especially material.

Lilly Novikova

Lilly is from Nizhny Tagil and has been doing pedicure and manicure with her mother since the year. After all, her mother believes that you need to learn to care for yourself from an early age. By the way, the baby is engaged in rhythmic gymnastics and swimming. The girl’s mother is strongly opposed to all kinds of plastic surgeries and interference with the natural course of things.

I believe that in the world of haute couture one can succeed only with the help of natural beauty

Madison Campbell

Beautician Moya Campbell decided to give her youngest daughter a ticket to a beautiful future. About 8 thousand dollars were spent per month for trips to international beauty contests. Such actions could end in bankruptcy, and the baby at 9 years old completely lost control, arranging tantrums with the requirements of new contests, branded clothing, etc. Mom could no longer cope with her daughter and turned to the Scottish program “Supernyanka” for professional help. Slowly but surely, the girl began the path to a normal life, but still the little beauty queen can throw a rag at her mother because of a request to wash the floors and clean the room.

Harper lou

Baby Lou did not know how to speak and walk, but she already became a star of beauty contests. Mom recorded her daughter for the first competition even before she was born. Michelle Wilson says that she wants to always see her daughter beautiful and happy, for this reason she sends the girl to competitions. Michelle has an older son, he is interested in robots, cars and dinosaurs. But when she found out that she was pregnant with her daughter, Michelle immediately began to dream of a tender pink world.