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Shocking news of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk

Just recently, Irina Shake and Bradley Cooper actually broke up. The couple wanted to part by the end of 2018, but not to overshadow the attention of the media and their fans from the producer's film "The Star was born". Bradley's been through a divorce. Only after the film's successful release did Irina go to live in her apartment.

Fans of Irina and Bradley suspected it six months ago, that the couple have differences when Cooper released a film with the participation of Lady Gaga. At the same time there were rumors among people about the intrigue of the actor and singer. Their joint performances were called provocative, and also Lady Gaga's not indifferent look was noticed by everyone. Back in February this year, Gaga parted with the groom producer Christian Carino, who was with him since 2017. The reasons for the dissolution of the marriage were not voiced by them.

For the first time the strangeness of the relationship was noticed during the performance of Bradley and Lady Gaga at the Oscar for the film "The Star was born". And they paid attention to each other during the shooting of this film. But to show in the open their relationship they began recently, when the previous relationship ended.  Journalists began to say that Lady Gaga had moved to Bradley Cooper's apartment. And to this day it is known that the actor and singer live together. Lady Gaga's move to Bradley made it clear that there was still a relationship between them and that there was no point in hiding it anymore.

In Instagram Lady Gagi there were negative comments from Russian users. Someone to adhere to the position that the supermodel is better than the singer, that with Irina Bradley will be much better, in general, did not perceive it with the singer. And someone thought it was funny if Lady Gaga sings the song of Russian singer Irina Allegrova "Ugonschitsa".

The expara has been in a relationship since 2015, and in 2017 was born a daughter - Leia de Sienne Cheick Cooper. But the separation of the couple did not affect the upbringing of the daughter: they will bring up together. Nothing is known about the attitude of Lady Gaga and Cooper's daughter.