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A Parisian woman told me nine lifestyle rules. They will change your life

We all admire French women, especially Parisians. They are so graceful, sober and sweet. What is their secret? At least once in the lifetime, each woman asked herself this question. My friend from Paris shared her lifestyle rules with me.

1. Politeness is a need

You always have to be a lady. Since she was a little girl, a Parisian woman is taught to be correct, polite and stylish. Do not speak too loudly, do not chew gum in public, say “Bonjour” and “excusez-moi” before asking a question and dress properly. 

2. Take care of your skin

Mere mortals wonder how Parisians can go out with uncombed hair, without hints of makeup and still look amazingly well-groomed. Their beauty secret is in conforming to the strict rules of skincare! The Parisian woman’s weekly ritual usually consists of a trip to the pharmacy, reading special researches to find a day cream or night cream, face washing and, possibly, several trips to a dermatologist.

3. Always remain a mystery

“The heart of a woman is an ocean of secrets” is an appropriate phrase for a Parisian woman. They are famous for their mystery and keeping secrets. You hardly know where she has such a beautiful blouse!

4. Gain an understanding of politics, art, and food

It is not a myth that French women know a lot about history, poetry, wine, gourmet food and fashion. A Parisian woman enjoys a glass of burgundy, visits the theater and shares her opinion on political topics if needed.

5. Forget about someone else's opinion.

Parisians do not take criticism very much to heart. Attention! They will criticize the loose hair on your head, but, alas, as soon as you try to do the same, your opinion will be ignored. Parisian women like to express their thoughts, but they will not accept yours. Long ago have they understood that their opinion of themselves is the only thing that matters. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." The Parisians mastered this mindset. You should master it too!

6. Create little drama exquisitely and romantic

Whether it is a romance or an argument with a boyfriend, Parisian women are sensitive and fussy. They complicate their daily lives with small dramas, like girls from American TV shows. There are cases when French reasoning lasts for hours.

7. To be healthy is to be thin

Has anyone ever seen a plump Parisian woman? If yes, then probably she was pregnant. Paris Fashion Week is on the streets every day, and it is not surprising, because the girls there love to be slim and stylish. They drink tea, walk a lot, run after work in the park (no gyms!), and buy fresh vegetables on the market. By the way, many of them smoke and eat a lot of bread every day, but remain thin.

8. “C'est normal” :)

Parisians create an impression as if nothing mattered. Funny jokes or unexpected crazy events do not put them out of themselves. Except, perhaps, the choice of a knife for cheese.

9. Love yourself and be confident at each new step.

The most important lesson of Parisian women is to come to terms with your shortcomings and establish healthy relationships with yourself. Parisians do not blame themselves, do not speak badly about themselves with friends. They skillfully combine confidence with sexuality, while also admiring themselves.