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How to set up yourself for cleaning and to make this process fast and effective? Here are five tips from Alsu Mukhamedishina, a professional space organizer.

1. Just get rid of unnecessary things

This will help you to get a feeling of lightness, freedom, and readiness for change. After all, the old unnecessary things - this is our past, which pulls us back. You should not cling to it, just say thanks for all the good or bad, for the experience. The accumulation of unnecessary things does not let to come to something new and bright in your home. Think about it and finally decide to get rid of all the useless stuff.

It is clear that it is impossible to "unjunk" the whole house in just a week, especially if there are a lot of things in it. Our goal is to do something and lay the groundwork. For example, start with your wardrobe. After all, we constantly wear our clothes and many emotions and feelings are connected with them. Do something here and living will become much easier.

2. Another important point - to deal with the external clutter, immediately catching the eye and annoying

The irritation comes from these "hotspots" - all horizontal surfaces on which things accumulate.

Take a look around: window sills, counter, washing machine and dresser surfaces, table, open shelves, chairs/sofa, on which clothes accumulate. Surely, somewhere in these places, you have lots of assorted things.

Go through everything that accumulates here. Probably you will have three categories:

• Items that need to be returned to their places (for example, documents or books that have not reached its shelf). • Items that you use here or nearby (for example, keys and all the necessary little things to leave the house in the hallway). • Things to get rid of (rubbish, old papers, etc.)

Put these things in its places – wardrobes, shelves, and trash cans.

Tip: To stop the messy "hotspots", put a vase or a photo frame on a free space. When the place will be occupied by something beautiful, you will not want to litter it anymore.

3. Remove visual noise

Besides the above mentioned "hotspots", there are still open-shelves with a lot of unnecessary stuff. For example, figurines, children's crafts, different photo frames and all this in one place. Or a fridge with a considerable number of magnets. Visual noise makes it difficult to calm down, relax or focus on what is important. At the subconscious level, we read it and get tired, even when we are at home.

4. Put things in their places right after the use

So easy and difficult at the same time. If you are running out of time, try an experiment: do it every time, regardless of whether you are in a hurry or not. In 90% of cases, in order to return the thing to its place, you need only a few seconds. Usually, people spend more time trying to persuade themselves to do this, although the process itself is not laborious.

Just challenge yourself. During the next 10-15 days try to catch yourself thinking and acting: every time you want to "leave it here for now", remember: "no, I should remove it, I have a challenge". Initially, you consciously focus on these actions, but then it fixes and becomes a habit.

5. Sort out the mess in your head

So now when you have a well-ordered cozy house, it is time to sort out the mess in your head. Try to complete the unfinished business. Otherwise, they, like all the unnecessary things in the house, just litter the mind. Loose ends, unfulfilled promises, unfinished projects - try to solve it. Of course, do not work your tail off. Define priorities, make a list of important tasks. Be sure to cover all areas of your life: work, family, friends and personal. Then break the task down into small manageable pieces for each week and day. Celebrate accomplishments, praise and even encourage yourself with pleasant little things. Completed the project at work? Buy a new dress! Fulfilled the promise after the whole month of setting it aside? Have a long-awaited evening with your favourite book! That's a good way not to lose motivation to do your best.

If you follow at least these five simple rules, after a while you will not recognize yourself and your home. Take a look around: breathing has become much easier, the eye does not cling to visual noise, and you have all these "dones" on your to-do lists.