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He has appointed you a date! You are in anticipation of a pleasant conversation over a glass of wine somewhere in a restaurant overlooking the city. Great, just don’t forget your wallet. There is still no consensus on how couples should pay - separately or jointly. However, if you do not want to get into an unpleasant situation, take care in advance and take some amount with you to the meeting.

An unpleasant experience

In fact, each of us had an unpleasant experience at different moments in life, however, male traumatic people inflate this event to incredible proportions. Once he was refused or was not received very nicely, now he will see in every girl another gold digger who is interested only in his wallet.

The problem is that such men are beginning to be suspicious of little things, like paying for a cup of coffee. If you notice these “symptoms” with your beau, you will have to rely only on yourself, both on a date and in the future, if you decide to continue the relationship.


Pretty rare character, but it happens. Men who are not accustomed to taking responsibility, as a rule, were brought up by an imperious mother who always solved all his problems, so he simply has no reason to take this initiative. Usually the infantile boy is very attentive to his companion, but as soon as it comes to paying the bill, it turns out that his wallet was stolen / lost / forgotten, depending on the level of fantasy. The situation is repeated from time to time, so think about whether you need a weak-willed boy. On which you can not rely.


Such a man does not give flowers for his birthday, does not pay in a cafe and does not plan any general purchases with you. As soon as the girl starts talking about parting after several meetings, often the man begins to calculate how much she owes him almost for the gasoline that he spent on joint trips.

Fighter for equal rights

This man is quite progressive: from him you will not hear the phrase "your place is at the stove." However, in advanced cases, such men do not consider it necessary to take care of the woman he loves even in such trifles as a romantic dinner. According to his logic, everyone pays as much as he ate or drank. Nevertheless, many people like this approach.


Here you need to be really careful. A man can invite you to the next date only with the aim of avenging something, but it is difficult to guess about it. Did you refuse him to go to the cinema last week? Get ready for the terrible revenge of your companion, namely, he may leave you alone with a decent bill for dinner, while the gentleman himself will absently smoke.