Психология Alena Vlasova 01.09.2019 1554

How to stop bored and bring more novelty to your life?

Scheduled life, daily routines of work and rest, previously predicted “surprises” and “surprises” can become so boring that a person begins to feel like a laboratory rat inside a warm, comfortable, but incredibly boring and learned maze. In this case, a person begins, as a rule, instinctively to look for a way out in the form of a new hobby, a change in lifestyle, work or partner, moving to another country, and so on. Sometimes this process can be quite painful and be accompanied by a global revision of one’s goals and life values. In order not to go to extremes, it is much better to fight boredom while it is still in its infancy and start to live interesting right now.

1. Break your own bans

Each person over the course of life accumulates an incredible amount of internal taboos that reflect his opinion about the “correct” behavior of a “normal” person of his age and position.

"Walking is not solid." “Socks with sandals cannot be worn.” "At my age, dancing is funny." “I can't take that wink like that at the next table.”

What the heck?! Why are you cornering yourself with these far-fetched prohibitions? Not only does the state, the police, the authorities hang over us with their instructions, so you still grow your own internal overseer, who is watching over you. Try at least sometimes to turn off your internal censor and step over the restrictions that exist only in your head - the result will exceed all expectations, it certainly won’t be boring.

2. Get rid of time eaters

Very often we seem to want to change something, and we understand how to do it, but everything rests on a universal reason called "I have no time."

“I want to learn a foreign language, start running and going to the gym, go to the cinema or theater, just go for a walk before going to bed, but it’s a pity that I don’t have time for this at all” - after these words a person habitually stumbles into a television screen or monitor a computer.

Stop! The easiest and easiest way to find time for a fulfilling life is to remove two time devourers from yourself - a TV and the Internet. Yes, it is possible that because of this you will not find out what has happened to someone interesting in the world. But you will begin to fill your own life with interesting events.

3. Stop waiting for the “suitable” time

This is a favorite trick of our lazy consciousness when you seem to have decided on goals and plans, but decide that the moment to achieve them is clearly not right now. In this case, your conscience leaves you alone, because you have almost begun the process, but circumstances are still against you, you just have to wait.

“I will start training, but now the winter is too cold (the summer is too hot).” "I would go on a trip, but the children are still too small." “I’ll save some money and start my project, for sure.” “You just have to wait for the pension.”

The best time can be forever. Many people do just that. But in fact, the best moment to change something is always the same - today. There is no other “suitable” time to start living interestingly and brightly, except for the daily ringing of the alarm clock.

4. Get started today

If you feel that the routine of everyday life is beginning to poison your life, then you do not have to wait for a vacation or plan global changes in your existence (although this is sometimes necessary). Try to start with simple and affordable tricks that will bring spontaneity and unpredictability to your life.

5. Do things differently

Do you like meat dishes? - Try a vegetarian diet for a couple of days. Do you run in the morning? - change your route to a complete stranger. Do you work at the table? - start doing your work while standing, move your workplace to a cafe, take breaks every half hour, and take a walk.

6. Explore new locations

As a rule, the life of a modern citizen is not much different from the life of a working ant in an anthill. Performing strictly defined functions, moving along strictly defined routes. Try to explore new spaces, look for interesting places that may be located very close to you. Visit the neighboring courtyard. Take a tour of your own city. Look for a new point for daily lunch. Discoveries nearby, you just need to get off the usual route.

7. Use randomness

If you can’t decide which movie to go to in the evening, which dish to choose from the menu, which book to read first, just toss a coin. You will bring an element of surprise to your day and get rid of the pangs of choice. Of course, we are not talking about serious life dilemmas.

8. Try new courses, hobbies, activity

Sign up for yoga, dancing, foreign languages, an embroidery circle, or whatever else interests you. Perhaps, as a result, you will understand that this is completely not yours, but maybe on the contrary, you will find new friends and a hobby for life. In any case, it will not be boring.

9. Say yes more often

The usual standard defensive reaction of a person in a collision with something new and unfamiliar is to say no. As a result, we remain in the familiar comfort zone, but many interesting things pass us by. Try to say the word “yes” more often to unexpected invitations, give the opportunity to new events, people and things to enter your life.