Психология Alena Vlasova 03.06.2019 200

The role of communication in the personal development of people

Communication forms a person as an individual, gives him the opportunity to acquire certain character traits, interests, habits, inclinations, learn the norms and forms of moral behavior, determine the goals of life and choose the means of their realization. Diverse in content, purpose, means of communication also performs a specific function in the mental development of the individual.

The needs of modern society, its spiritual and material spheres make the problem of communication extremely urgent. Communication is of great importance in the formation of the human psyche, its development and the formation of rational, cultural behavior. Through communication with psychologically developed people, thanks to the wide opportunities for learning, a person acquires all his higher productive abilities and qualities. Through active communication with developed personalities, he himself becomes a personality.

The purpose of writing this scientific article is to examine the role of communication in the development of personality.

The purpose of the research is realized in solving the following tasks: 1. give the concept of communication, its types, consider the function of communication; 2. to study the classification of communication; 3. to analyze the features of personality development in the process of communication and determine the personality in communication and activities.

If a person was deprived of the opportunity to communicate with people from birth, he would never become a civilized, culturally and morally developed citizen, would be doomed to the end of his life, to remain half animal, only outwardly, anatomically and physiologically resembling a person. This is evidenced by numerous facts described in the literature and showing that, being deprived of communication with their own kind, the human individual, even if he, as an organism, preserves completely, nevertheless remains a biological being in its mental development. The intensity of communication, the diversity of its content, goals, means are the most important factors determining the development of the individual.

Among the variety of problems of modern psychology, communication is one of the most popular and intensively studied. Communication is one of the most important factors in the effectiveness of human activity.

At the same time, another perspective, in particular in connection with the solution of the tasks of educating the younger generation, is another aspect of addressing the problem of communication — the formation of personality in it. As shown by the results of psychological and pedagogical research, it is in communication, and, above all, in direct communication with significant others (parents, teachers, peers, etc.) that the formation of the human personality, the formation of its most important properties, moral sphere, and world outlook comes.

The need for communication, interaction, mutual assistance arose not by chance. A person faced problems that prompted him to unite with other people in order to work together to overcome an obstacle, to overcome a difficulty that is beyond the power of one person.

Communication is one of the basic conditions for the existence of human society and the individual. Communication is a process of interaction between people, which arises with the purpose of establishing contacts in the implementation of joint activities and behavior. Communicating people are engaged in socially useful activities, are united in community, teach and educate the younger generation. In the process of communication, socialization of a person takes place, his introduction to the spiritual life of society, the formation of his spiritual and cultural needs.