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Comfort zone

Hi! I'm Olivia. I'm from France. Now I'll tell you about the comfort zone.

Comfort zone - the area of the living space in which people feel confident and safe. (wikipedia.org)

You're familiar with this definition? For example, a weightlifter lifting heavy weights is a daily routine. A journalist writes every day, and if you swap them, they will feel uncomfortable.

I feel just as uncomfortable if the situation is not under my control. When the further development of events depends not on me, I'm very excited and nervous. Also out of the comfort zone for me is the being in a crowd of unfamiliar people, then I start to get lost.

The comfort zone is good or bad? All people aspire to stability. We feel safe when everything goes as planned. But also, the comfort zone can stop personal growth. It turns out that a small stress situation it is very useful to humans. Controlled anxiety increases productivity. But don't get excited about this. When you reach a certain level of stress, worry, along with anxiety lead to poor performance.

Between the comfort zone and the critical state is the Golden mean, which is called the growth area. In this area you are very productive, why do you have increasing productivity. To find this "Golden mean" you need to make a list of things you do every day, for example, making soup. Add to these cases those who would like to try in the near future. This may be an unusual sport, a new hobby or unusual for you, a soup recipe. All individually and depends on your daily Affairs.

Often need to get out of the comfort zone to not lose performance.

What do you think? What is a comfort zone for you?