Психология Alena Vlasova 19.06.2019 206

Success or failure: that is the question?

How do you define “success” for yourself? For a long time in my head there was a brilliant picture of an “all-time lady”, who was always in a great mood, everything was going well for her: her family, her work, her appearance and everything else was glossy. And I stubbornly tried to conform to it, but that which couldn’t fit in it, or strenuously tamped into it, or cut off, pretending that this did not exist.

For some time I managed it well. Until I moved from internal HR to external recruitment. I must say that I loved the selection inside the company less than all the other functions, and for a long time I resisted the transition to the external one: I don't like it, why try it at all? But there was a period when I was left without work, and the head of one of the recruitment agencies, with whom we had known for a long time, invited me to his selection of tops with the words: “If you don’t like it, you leave.”

I tried. I like it. I liked the work with clients: the same sales people or managers in different companies are completely different people. Business processes are different (their nuances), managers are different, product, customers are all different, and this affects the profile of the candidate. It was already included my psychological education and excitement and it became more interesting to work.

When I realized that I wanted to grow in this direction, I decided to move from a local company to a federal company in order to work with other clients. At that time, from the federal, we only had Anchor, and I was there. It seems that everything is the same, but not that: it is more technological, larger.

The most difficult thing for me was to change the mindset from an internal person who needs to simply and quickly close the vacancy, to the mindset of a recruiter, with a vision of the perspective of the client, candidate, building up negotiation processes and long-term relationships. This process was quite painful. Painful for self-esteem: I, a successful head of the personnel department, quickly and accurately closing any vacancy inside, did not always succeed in finding the key to different clients in order to build cooperation. Of course, this was reflected in finance, which also did not add to the positive in life. But I am stubborn (sometimes in vain), and therefore I continued to do my job: to try and try.

At some point, when the hands almost fell, the head of the agency, Elena Yuryevna, said: "Understand: you are a successful person, and that means that you will succeed." To my objection of the type: what are the successes, when the projects are not closed, she added: “You have a picture of external success sitting in your head, but you don’t see what is behind it. And behind it just such hard work, without claims to the world, without anger. If a person is successful, then he is successful even when everything is not going very well with him. ” I was released, there were forces for further movement and subsequent external success. Gates opened)

I often recall this conversation. Especially in negotiations with clients, it does not matter: private, about a career, or corporate, about recruitment and other projects. I used to just remember, but now for me it becomes one of the criteria by which I understand: whether my client is or not, whether this is my person or not.

It is true: there is nothing terrible if a person is mistaken in something, he did not take everything into account and figured it out at the very beginning, and now his business is not as brilliant as he had expected. Any mistake can always be fixed. Well, or just start from the beginning. BUT: for this you need to honestly admit to yourself that what is happening to you / your company is now, see how it happened, and accept that without changing your actions and thinking, nothing will change. And continue to perform these actions. At this point, as I see it, real success lives, which grows further into the external. Realize and decide to change yourself.