Психология Alena Vlasova 20.06.2019 181


The phrase "taking care of yourself" can already be heard in many circles, I often say: "hug yourself, take care." But it is not always clear what it is about and how?

I speak of taking care of myself as an embrace, tender and at the same time strong, with touching attention and sympathy for myself. You can imagine yourself in the field, lying on the grass under the sun and hug yourself like that. What is the image you think?

After all, the image can go out into pieces in action. A few examples: - start treatment as soon as you get sick - give yourself time to relax, say something "no" - find time for one or one yourself and your space - feel sorry for yourself and support yourself with the words “nothing terrible, you are well done, you have managed this and that, do not swear at yourself” - intercede for yourself and not betray your principles and importance - micro carings: cake, mask, hand cream, etc.

Joan Tronto gives the following definition: "Care - ... any activity aimed at maintaining or restoring any element that is part of our life world, while taking care of ourselves, other people and the natural world is tied together in a" safety net of life. "

Tronto identifies four components of the process of caring for another, which I have slightly changed and suggest applying to myself: - Non-indifference, heartfelt attention, the statement of the value of your life and the joy of having a relationship with yourself - Proactive well-being. For example, take yourself to a good salon, do something for yourself and comfort. The work of a psychologist is just such an active provision of well-being for the interlocutor, an assistant in it. So come to the psychologist, to the doctor - also about it! - Immediate care. Take care of yourself, how a person could take care of a child who is ill. When you are sick, when there is no strength, how do you take care of yourself? - Taking care of who you care about yourself. Here it is not even necessary to reformulate. We often support, help another, but it is also a pleasure for another to take care of us. Take care and be able to ask for support.

See which care methods you use over / under? What would you like to pay more attention to, what is not so important for you? What is your mindset now?

And yes, hug yourself!