Спорт Alena Vlasova 28.05.2019 225

Healthy children's life

Why do children need more playtime? It is a question in which many adults are interested in.

There are a lot of games for kids nowadays. Play time certainly important for children. However, in recent years young ones spend time at home, or they play computer games rather than play real games.

When children playing different types of games they can learn and develop variety of skills like debating, negotiate, discuss, argue. They should learn it because after growing up they have to cope with different kids of problems and I suppose, only games can help to improve communication skills with coeval, learn how to use your mother tongue, how to express thoughts, develop self-esteem to be more self-confident in near future. Many adults consider that games between friends are the key to social development. Kids can learn such as empathy, patience, discipline.

The mental and physical development is essential and very important in the first ages of life. And one of the activities that can activate these developments is the play. So, it's necessary for a child to have more play time in order to develop into healthy adults.

In conclusion, I agree this opinion, children need more playtime in order to develop into healthy adults. Absolutely, this is very useful for children’s life.