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Water balance and swelling

The average daily water turnover in the body is 1/30 of an adult’s body weight per day. If someone says that a person needs 3 liters of water, then most likely he means a person weighing 90 kilograms. It is understood that people with a sedentary lifestyle have less water circulation than people who train.

For example, one hour of exercise requires water, like 10 hours of a sedentary lifestyle. The circulation of water in the body increases significantly in hot climates. For example, 30 grams of water per kilogram of body weight at a temperature of 20 degrees turns into 40 grams at a temperature of 30 degrees.

This is important information for those who are accustomed to "not to be afraid of either heat or cold." For people who are used to living in climate control, this information is superfluous.

The water content in the body ranges from 45 to 75% A young male contains on average 73% of the water in the body. For example, I have 67%. This suggests that I am not so young. The participant of the project “Wrestlers with fat” (see video at the end of the article), only 56% of the water in the body. Let me remind you that the fat contains only 20% water. In older men, on average, 50% of the water in the body.

What is the percentages of water in your body?

Fat contains little water. The more body fat and less muscle, the less water circulation in the body. However, often overweight people who have few muscles and a sedentary lifestyle love to eat salty and drink plenty of water. Salt attracts water, but where does the body go? Fat does not need it, and there are few muscles in the body.

In addition, the main ion of salt is sodium. Water inside the cell is good, but sodium holds extracellular fluid. It is important not only to create the necessary circulation of water in the body, but also to maintain the balance of intra-and about-cell fluid. The size / quarter technique teaches observing caloric and caloric balance. Here also: you need to follow the total circulation of water and maintain a balance in the near-cell fluid. Normally, this balance is from 0.36 to 0.39. I have 0.36, and you? If 0.4, then it is edema.