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Attention to your body

Sport does not guarantee health, on the contrary, ill-considered classes can cause injury and permanently alienate you from training. If you decide that you will manage without a coach, consider a few important points to make the classes comfortable, safe and enjoyable.

Track your heart rate

Often, beginners who are not familiar with the rules of running training, take off right off the bat. Twisting the joints in place, they run with all their might, so that the pulse rises to 70–80% of the maximum heart rate. Since the novice cannot withstand such a pace, he will soon suffocate, feel nauseous and stop. Moreover, such loads can badly affect the cardiovascular system, especially if the beginner athlete is overweight. As a result, the training will be ineffective and, most likely, will be the last. To avoid this, be sure to follow the pulse and increase the load gradually. To get started, count your maximum heart rate.

220 beats minus your age = maximum heart rate

Begin cardio training with a warm-up. This is a light pulse activity at 50–60% of the maximum. It is followed by fat burning zone on the pulse in 60–70% of the limiting heart rate. Activity in this area feels quite comfortable, does not cause nausea and severe shortness of breath and at the same time helps to burn more fat. Aerobic exercise begins with a pulse of 70–80%. It improves the health of the cardiovascular system, increases the volume of the lungs and continues to burn fat. Here is an approximate plan for the first run: 10 minutes in the warm-up zone, 10 minutes in the fat loss zone and 10 minutes in the aerobic zone. Gradually increase the time spent in the aerobic zone, up to 15 minutes, and do not forget about a 5-minute hitch on the pulse at 50-60%.

Listen to the right music and think about safety

Many runners and cyclists love to listen to music during training, and this is no accident. Music elevates the mood and increases the pleasure of training, energetic compositions help maintain the pace, and slower ones - restore pulse after a run faster. There are many advantages to listening to music, but there are also disadvantages, namely, safety. Cyclists and runners are not advised to engage in headphones because of possible dangers: you can not hear the car in time, there is a risk of getting under the wheels. Fortunately, it is not at all necessary to abandon music or transfer training to the gym. Modern bone conduction technology leaves your ears open and at the same time provides you with musical motivation.

Change your daily habits

For good results in sports and fitness, not only your workouts are important, but also how you behave in everyday life. Activity, nutrition, sleep, stress — all of these affects your athletic performance and reduces the risk of injury. Lack of sleep reduces testosterone, which negatively affects the composition of the body, prevents you from losing weight and gaining muscle mass. Try to sleep 7–8 hours a day and go to bed at about the same time to make it easier to fall asleep. Stress, especially strong and long-lasting, negatively affects the work of the cardiovascular system, increases pressure, reduces the ability to concentrate and reduces motivation. In addition, stress increases the amount of cortisol, which suppresses testosterone production and depresses immunity. In addition to sleep and stress, you should take care of daily activities. A sedentary lifestyle adversely affects your posture, reduces energy costs and makes all your attempts to struggle with excess weight less effective. In addition, to lose weight, nutritionists recommend drinking more water — it has a proven positive effect on weight loss, even without counting calories.

Track your progress

Own assessment of success is far from objectivity. After the first lesson, you may feel like a real athlete, although there are no visible successes, and during periods of bad mood to underestimate your results. Even if you have ordinary scales, they will show you only weight, and this is not enough to assess your achievements. The fact is that in the process of training the weight can stand still, but the percentage of fat and muscles — to change.

By tracking not only your weight, but also the percentage of fat and body mass index, you will see your progress, be able to choose the optimal diet and not lose motivation. And to track the percentage of fat you do not have to be recorded in the clinic, there are already compact and inexpensive scales with this function. For example, some smart diagnostic scales.