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9 main trends of 2019 in fashion, design and lifestyle

Democracy in clothes, artificial meat and walking - gathered the main trends of the coming year for those who want to keep up with the times. What I like about trends is that they are comprehensive. For example, the trend for conscious consumption is manifested in everything: in the emerging habit of sorting garbage, in the materials from which clothing collections are made, in the growing industry of healthy nutrition. But this is a macro trend for decades to come. But what will be the main themes of 2019, according to researchers of global trends of WGSN.

1. Matte black

In the past year, we have already seen black matte color in clothes, shoes, accessories and in the beauty industry. Get ready to penetrate this trend into the sphere of interior design: furniture and decor. We will see matte black both in residential premises and in the decoration of restaurants and hotels. We can say that this noble, dramatic shade will finally supplant the ubiquitous pink.

2. New reading of the formality

In recent years, we have seen how the boundaries of business, street and home fashion are blurring. The segment of sportswear and “sporty chic” style grew rapidly: largely due to the fact that the whole world set a course for comfort, convenience and a healthy lifestyle. Even the office dress code is undergoing changes: more and more people are working from home, the overall democracy is increasing, so that sneakers in combination with a pencil skirt will not surprise anyone.

In 2019, oversized blazers and jackets combined with streetwear and sportswear will return to our wardrobe. Double-breasted, checkered, colored, corduroy - they will only have a hint of the former rigor and formality.

3. Hiking - New Yoga

The fashion of hiking and walking - the so-called hiking - is gaining momentum. We are experiencing an increasing need to be closer to nature, to spend time in the fresh air, and the fascination with hiking is gradually becoming more popular than practicing yoga. In addition, it opens up opportunities for creating impressive photos, which have already been used by the world's most popular bloggers, conquering peaks and buying new trekking boots instead of cards in fitness clubs.

4. Ecomaterials

Recently, a conscious approach to fashion and eco-fabrics ceases to be a topic for the advanced and turn into the mainstream. The whole world is looking forward to fashionable clothes made from eco-friendly alternatives, such as skin from genetically modified yeast and silk obtained without the participation of silkworm.

5. Meat without meat

No, it's not about vegetarianism, that is, a conscious rejection of animal meat, but about the latest developments included in the concept of a “future without meat”. Very soon, in the most fashionable restaurants of the world, vegetable protein dishes will appear, in taste and appearance no different from real meat. And they will be in demand because it is humane, more economical than animal husbandry, and does not require giving up your eating habits.

6. Beauty from the inside

Cosmetic brands are developing and will soon begin to offer products that combine the care products and beauty pills. Perhaps it will look like a set: food supplement with vitamins plus serum or concealer. The idea is obvious: an integrated approach to beauty gives the maximum effect.

7. Winter-summer clothes

The continuation of the idea of ​​minimalism and capsular wardrobe will be casual wear from innovative materials that removes moisture and retains heat, easily adapts to seasonal conditions. It is universal, saves space in the closet and suitcase. In a changing climate and frequent travels, we want us to have one jacket for any weather. A striking example is the thin down jackets Uniqlo, and soon others will follow the Japanese brand.

8. Gladiator Sandals

These sandals remain a constant attribute of the summer bohemian and festival fashion, but they have not had their own “moment of glory” since the beginning of the 2000s. In 2019, the fashion of the aesthetics of the 90s will begin to give way to the popularity of the “zero”, and then we will remember the knee-length sandals that Sienna Miller and Kate Moss wore at the beginning of the century.

9. Smart mirrors

Multifunctional and modular solutions predominate in interior design. What's next? Smart mirrors. Very soon, in the fitting rooms of stores, a mirror will be able to accurately determine your size and will offer you a suitable model of trousers or dress. Your mirror can also be a lighting device, multimedia system and even a security guard. Imagine how in the morning it tells you that you are late for a meeting or that your body does not have enough vitamin D.