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Czech Republic

My name is Petra Gorak and I'm from the Czech Republic. I want to introduce you to our national traditions and culture.

1. The people of the Czech Republic are very calm, hospitable. Usually they are very closed, they do not show emotions. Personal space is very valuable in the Czech Republic. All this mentality was formed thanks to the rich culture of the Czech. People are very proud of their country.

2. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is a narrow streets, a magnificent Charles Bridge, unique sights and delicious food. After the Velvet Revolution, Prague became one of the most visited European cities, which is protected by UNESCO. Today the population of the city is over 1 300 000 people. The city is divided into 15 districts, which are numbered according to the distance from the center, and on the map they are located clockwise.

3. Art. 1. Cinema. The Czech Republic is well known in cinema for Milos Forman's films "Flying over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Amadeus", which was awarded an Oscar in 8 different categories. 2. Music. There is a very developed music in the Czech Republic, not for nothing invented saying: "Every Czech is a musician. The most famous composer is Antonín Dvořák. 3. Theatre. It is an important part of Czech culture. By the way, there are many theatres in Prague - traditional, puppet and black. 4. Czech architecture has always been above all other aspects of cultural development. Architectural creations of various styles and eras: from Romanesque, Baroque, Rocococo and Classicism to Modernism and other modern trends. The castles in the Czech Republic alone are about 2500!

4. The Czech Republic can also boast of its beer. It's hard to imagine a Czech who doesn't appreciate beer. This foamy beverage is of the highest quality in the Czech Republic, and its consumption is the same tradition. Only after the strictest quality control and raw materials the beer is given the right to be called Czech. This profession is very much appreciated, it is present in every corner of the Czech Republic.

5. I think everyone was wondering why the Czech Republic and Slovakia split up. There is nothing tragic about it. In 1993, the Czech Republic and Slovakia peacefully disintegrated due to the fall of the Communist regime in 1989, which led to political disagreements between the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This event was called the Velvet Divorce or the Velvet Revolution, because the collapse was without a fight.