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Travel blogging ideas. Part 1

* Write about your hometown or the place where you live

Just because you know your city like five fingers does not mean that as many others know about it. As travelers, we tend to forget that the place from which we are constantly striving to escape may be on a “must-see” list with someone else. When I go on a trip, I always prefer to spend time with the locals, because who can better, than they, show the city? This rule works in the opposite direction - who can tell a tourist about his native place better than you?

* Interview a person associated with tourism

When it's time to add the next post, and there is not a single idea in my head, an interview with a person who does the same thing can be a good way out. Send messages to several fellow travelers, travel writers, and see what happens. Maybe some will offer to provide a service, and will ask you to answer a few questions for them. Link exchange-like, reciprocal interviews can be a win-win option for both parties.

* Make a list

Lists ("Top 10 ...", "15 best ...", etc.) - a great way to write an article in a hurry. This is not only a good solution to entertain readers and / or sate them intellectually (at least for a couple of minutes), but also the opportunity to increase the number of site views. Lists are always popular, and usually people repost them more often than articles of a different kind.

Among other things, their convenience lies in the fact that you can quickly view the entire article and easily understand the essence of each item. When someone drives a search into the search, like the best places for dinner in Rome, or the most popular tourist places in Paris, the lists from several points will almost always be the first among the results found. Just choose a topic and a place about which you will write, for example, food and Rome, and to the point! You should not build on the number - write down as many points as you can, and when you are satisfied with the result, this is your number - the title of the article.

* Tell a story

Have not traveled for a long time? You should not assume that the topic of travel in your life has dried up on this. Tell a story about one of the trips from your childhood, or even write about a funny event that happened to you today on the train on the way to work. You can use these kinds of stories to show how they relate to your travel hobby. In order to get bonus points from readers, do not forget about humor.

* Write instructions

After visiting a place, you probably have a few words about it. Local dishes that are worth a try, sights that are a must see - this all deserves attention. Why not write a short guide, mentioning the steps you took, along with tips that you should not do to your readers. Like lists, such instructions are easily recognized by search engines and will be a good way to attract a large audience.

* Talk about the story

I remember how several years ago a dispute was raging in full force on the difference in the words “tourist” and “traveler”. However, I believe that every traveler in some way can be considered a tourist, and, of course, in any tourist there will be something from the traveler. Therefore, as a tourist and traveler in one person, I believe that references to historical facts, personalities and events are indeed valuable. Most of the written material deals with the most popular places and activities - modern things, at the same time leaving history behind. Comparing the story with the place they are going to visit will help travelers appreciate it. In addition, the knowledge of a couple of small things about important historical events will arrange for you locals, just as it always happens with the language, when you try to explain yourself with a couple of clumsy words, but in their language.

* Write reviews

While traveling, you will surely get a couple of things, without which you simply can’t imagine the next trip: a neck pillow, a perfect travel bag or a passport cover - whatever it is, when no idea for a topic comes up, write about the advantages and disadvantages of your favorite accessory. Recently, after numerous cases of advertisements paid by sponsors, consumers no longer trust specialized sites with reviews. Even the well-known site Yelp.com was under scrutiny after it turned out that some companies paid certain individuals to write good reviews on their products or, on the contrary, left horrible reviews to competitors. Therefore, an article of this kind in a blog about travels that people tend to believe more may be deposited in someone’s mind. Similarly, if you have had a very bad experience with something, write about it and let people know what it is worth staying away from.